Easy Beginner’s Guide to Manifestation — Tips and Tricks that ACTUALLY Work

Let us first begin with saying that there is really no right or wrong way to practice the Law of Attraction. Sure some guru’s out there will tell you that their “technique” or “method” is the best, but it really is what rings true for YOU.

You see the law of attraction is simply the ability to attract, almost like a magnet, things you desire in life. What makes this attraction so interesting, is that by doing so, you are reprogramming yourself on a subconscious level. In doing so, you are re-training your subconscious to automatically go for or choose the things that will bring that dream to reality.

For example:

Say what you want most is to lose weight and get fit. By utilizing the Law of Attraction, over time your subconscious will automatically help you choose healthier food, keep you on track with exercise, even reminding you to track your calories/food intake.

This is just an example, but it goes to show that the Law of Attraction can be a powerful thing. The problem comes into play that so many people have so many methods and techniques, even rituals on practicing manifestation or the law of attraction.

So then you might be asking well which method is the best?

What if I told you that there is no one “right” method?

What if, it is whichever method works best for you, whichever method that you can stick too no matter what, a method that almost becomes second nature for you to do every day, and a method that you can harness and feel it resonate within you? How does that sound?

That sounds pretty good to me, personally, but let’s look at the top three Law of Attraction methods, that I find are not just the most powerful but we can look at the pro’s and con’s of each, to see if this method is the easiest for you to adapt into your daily life.

Now, before we dive in, please know that these are just my top three; I don’t want you to feel limited by any means in this Law of Attraction process. If none of these are for you, please don’t hesitate to search the internet for more manifestation techniques.

With that said, let’s dive right in.

Method 1: The 5x55 Method

What this method would look like:

1. What would you like your life to look like in 5 days?

2. What would need to change in order to achieve this? (For example are you missing key elements in achieving your goal? If so what would those things be?)

3. If you were able to achieve this goal or change in 5 days, how would you feel?

4. What, ultimately, would you like to achieve within 5 days?

From here you would answer those questions to reach an ultimate intention. The intention is something that encompasses the goal or change in a whole sense. So if my goal in this example is to deepen connections with my loved ones my answers might look something like this:

1. In five days time I would like to have deeper connections with my loved ones.

2. To achieve this I need to close the door on self criticism, and allow myself to be open to both receiving and giving love.

3. If this change was made in five days I would feels secure within myself, and be more open to love in the future.

4. Ultimate intention: To love myself and others, and allow myself to be loved in return.

The next step is to set affirmations that match that intention. Affirmations are things that you can say or write down that work as the glue for this whole process. So in this example my affirmations could be:

1. I allow myself to be open to giving and receiving love.

2. I am grateful for the love I have within myself and my life.

3. Thank you universe for blessing me with an open heart and mind.

4. I am thankful for my loved ones, and the love they share.

5. I feel safe and secure both within myself and my loved ones, I am grateful I belong.

The key here with affirmations is to keep them in the present tense, almost as if they have already happened. Always keep your affirmations realistic and in a positive light, with this method keep in mind that you are setting a goal for 5 days time, if what you are trying to achieve is a very large goal, try and break it up into little pieces to start the momentum in five days time.

With this method you would then look at those 5 affirmations and pick one that really ring true for you. For me that would be “I feel safe and secure both within myself and my loved ones, I am grateful I belong.”

The next step is to take that one affirmation and repeat it daily in a journal or on paper 55 times a day for 5 days. After that you can rinse and repeat with a different intention, or if you didn’t quite make your goal you can then either repeat this process or switch up to a different one. Either way it is best that you keep the momentum going. Even if in five days you didn’t reach your goal, you can review and maybe change up a few things and try again.

With all that said let’s break this method down into pro’s and con’s.


- The repetition involved is great for really honing in on your goal, keeping the focus on that one intention.

- Rather simple and concise method.

- Beginner friendly in the sense that this can become a daily habit.


- Materials, while writing things out is better for engraining in memory, some may not have on hand all the materials for this process.

- Can be given up rather fast. So many people have commented on social media say that with this method, “I just got lazy.” Or “I didn’t get any results, so I just gave up.” This is not good, with anything like this, you need to keep the momentum going, regardless of if you achieved your goal or not.

- Because of the physical writing habit, some may have a hard time with writing out their affirmation 55 times a day for 5 days straight. Me personally, I actually have carpal tunnel in both wrists, while typing after a while is an issue, writing things out give me wicked hand cramps after a while.

In a nutshell, the best thing about this method is that is great for beginners who are looking to retrain the subconscious, the bad part about this method is that it is easy to give up, not only with the potential hand cramps, but also possibly not having the materials on hand.

Later on in this article I will have a complete list on tips and tricks on affirmations, so please read until the end for your maximum results.

Method 2: Dream Board aka Vision Board Method

So if my dream goal is to buy my dream house in one year’s time, just as an example. My dream board could look something like this:

I would then hang this up in my current home in a place where I could see it every day. (Tip: If you spend a lot of time on the computer you could even use it as your desktop background.) I would take about five to ten minutes a day to reflect on this picture, and really hone in on my affirmation/goal.

This method is rather straight forward and good for people who learn or retain things better from a visual standpoint rather than a written or oral.

Along the same lines is the “Visualization Circle” method, where on a white board or paper, you write your goal/intention and encompass it in a circle. Each day you write one new thing in and around the circle that is an affirmation towards to goal. So using my prior example of having the dream home it could look something like this:

This is just an example, feel free to personalize it with pictures or other visuals if you’d like.


- Straight forward

- A constant reminder

- Customizable and changeable as your intentions/goals change.


- Some, like myself, may completely forget that the board is there. I have a habit of hanging a photo on the wall and over time, even though I pass it every day, eventually it becomes a minor thing for me. If you are like me in that sense, this method may not be for you.

All in all I think this a great method, an all around straight forward approach to manifestation. I do suggest using something like a dry erase board, that way you can clean your surface completely to start fresh versus having to buy a new board all together. That choice is up to you though; whichever suits your needs best, go with that.

Method 3 — “Fake It/Acting as if” Method

This method is a bit quicker than the other two in the sense that you are acting on your goal first, rather than waiting for it to become reality. This method was developed by Alfred Adler, he suggests that you act as though you are already living your dream life or have already attained your goal. This in turn creates permanent behavioral changes on both the conscious and subconscious level.

It is suggested that you keep “acting” until you reach your desires, and this may seem or feel weird at first, but once your subconscious kicks into the idea it will become a breeze.


- This method is thought to be the faster way to results

- Creates permanent changes both behaviorally and mentally


- Could take a while before your mind fully wraps around to the idea of “faking it till you make it”.

- Some are just not good at “acting” the part, and while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, for this method it may not be best suited for you.


Some of these techniques do require tools or tricks to maximize your potential. While these things are considered optional, they are highly recommended.

Tool and Tricks:

Affirmation Tips:

- Straight to the point — affirmations, intentions, or goals, should always be clear, straight to the point, and ‘clean cut’. Our minds always have a tendency to wander, so keep your intentions on one goal that is straight to the point and easy to remember.

- Focus On One Thing at a Time — With anything else, if your brain is all over the place with a million ‘tabs’ running at once, you will get frazzled very easily. The simplest thing to do is think of one thing at a time. If your goal is something very large, break that down into smaller parts, then look at those parts and see if it can be broken down again. Doing this will keep your mind focused on one task at a time, and will maximize your chance for success.

Sacred Space:

For me my sacred space is actually my dining room table. The dining room table is where we have family dinner, where I write all my ideas down, where I journal, where I hang out most of my off days on the computer. This space is the dearest to me because when I look around the table I see all the smiling faces of the friends and family that have been around that table with me throughout the years.

When it is time for me to manifest for the day I lay a table cloth down of my favorite color (usually purple, but sometimes blue.), light my favorite incense (I recommend lavender, but sometimes I like to use vanilla or ‘dragons breath’ incense.), and if my mojo is off I may have a few healing crystals around (rose quartz is the best for healing, but I’ve also heard people using crystals or even seashells that came from family/friends. Pick whichever resonates within you. There is no one right set answer here.).

This space for me is not only peaceful, but helps me center myself, and rid myself of all negative energy that could inhibit me for the day. If you have the space and the budget to invest in a few simple things like candles, a table cloth, incense etc. (Which to be honest, I purchased most of those things from the dollar store), I highly recommend doing so. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but choose things that resonate from within you; it could be pictures of your loved ones, meditation music, or a few trinkets that bring you joy or happy memories. No matter what you choose for your space, just keep it in a positive light.

Some might say that the things you bring into the space almost absorb that positive energy, that way when you have them around again they are already aligned with positive energy that can then flow into you.

If you do decide to set up a sacred space, please be safe when setting it up with pets or children. I live with 2 cats, so I can’t keep my space up all the time, I put the materials away in what I call my “sacred box” that is out on my desk at all times. Because I live with 2 cats, I also don’t use candles, or if I do I cheat a little bit and use the battery operated ones.

There are a ton of other articles out there about setting up and keeping up a sacred space if you have pets or children. If you would like me to create an article based solely around this topic please let me know in the comments below.

General Tips and Tricks:

- Keep the faith — don’t lose hope if your manifestations didn’t work in the timeframe you allotted (if you allotted one). Like with all goals it takes time, just because something didn’t work the first go around doesn’t mean it won’t work at all.

- Be humble and grateful — The universe is giving you a boost to help you reach your goals with manifestation, please be humble in what you ask to receive, and show gratitude every step of the way. I keep a gratitude journal, where every night before bed I write down at least 5 things that I am grateful for that happened that day. It really helps to promote positivity before sleeping, which helps me have a restful nights sleep and when I wake up I don’t feel as overwhelmed as to what my day may entail.

- Be realistic — Set realistic goals and expectations throughout this process. While it would be an awesome dream to win the mega million dollar jackpot of the lottery (a fantasy I’ve had from time to time), realistically it may not be possible (at least the statistics say that it’s not possible, still nice to dream though). That’s not to say that you have to limit yourself, please don’t do that, instead, think about smaller realistic steps in the big picture. Like a jigsaw puzzle, it takes how many pieces to make the whole picture, think of your goal that way.

- Open heart and mind — What this boils down to is this process is one that can change your brain on many levels, keep yourself open both in your heart and mind to the entire process. You won’t be able to receive anything through this process if your heart and mind are closed off. Much like if you have a series of closed and locked doors in a hallway but still need to find a way out, how are you going to do that unless you unlock and open the doors?

- Meditation — this is an amazing and powerful tool in helping you rid yourself of negative energy, upping your positive vibration energy, and allowing your mind to really focus on your dreams/goals. While some meditation ceremonies are about an hour long there are also a ton of resources out there for those looking for simple 5 minute techniques. The best one I know of is “Manifestation Magic”. They have a wide array of guided meditation techniques, and have recently added a 5 and 10 minute meditation series to their library. To grab your copy click here. For a full list of my resources please see the section below.


The simplest way to sum this up is with this phrase:

“What you think, you create, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you become.” — Anonymous

Further Resources:

“The Bioenergy Code” — This is another meditation resource. They primarily focus on the vibration frequency that every living thing has and how you too can raise your frequency. They say that the higher the frequency, the more abundance in the positivity you shall receive. To get more information click here.

“Soul Manifestation” — They help you more with your “Soul Path” in the sense that they believe that all things begin and end with the soul. They help you address three major areas in life, love/romance, wealth and health.) with information to help you tap into your highest self. They also touch on what is more commonly known as “Shadow Work” which allows you to work through past trauma, or hidden things that may be holding you back. To see if this would be helpful for you please click here.

“The Sacred Sound Healing System” This system uses what is called ‘binary beats’ to help you improve your over all wellbeing. It has been shown for centuries that certain tones of sounds can help with healing not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. They have a favorite soundtrack of mine that helps me with headaches, anxiety and stress relief. To see if binary beats can help you please click here.

I wish you the best in your journey. If you have a success story you would like to share I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment below with your story and the method you used. Thank you!

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